Today's Stretch of the Week! Foot Stretch

So many of my clients suffer from Plantar Fasciitis it can be excruciating sometimes. It's caused by a tightening of a connective tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot from your toes to the end of your heal. The best way to reduce this pain is to manually stretch it or break up the tissue. These are the three best ways to reduce this discomfort. I would suggest doing these daily especially if you are on your feet all day or are a runner make sure you stretch your feet too after exercise. Hope this helps!

Stretch of The Week

An article on chiropractic appeared in U.S. News & World Report. Aside from back and neck pain, chiropractic physicians can also help with headaches, stress and flexibility.

This week's stretch of the week is for the pecs! Or pectoral muscles you have a couple of them so these variations of stretches will stretch both along with your anterior shoulder muscles. You can do this along a wall or in a doorway. Seeing that a lot of us are hunched forward throughout the day these muscles get super tight and give us that ugly rounded shoulder look which is not pretty! So try this stretch out a few times throughout your day and you'll feel a major difference in your range of motion for your shoulders as well as feeling more space on your anterior upper body. It might even help you breathe a little better and not feel so restricted! Enjoy

Stretch of The Week

Stretch of the week! I have so many clients that suffer from Temporomandibular Joint disorder or TMJ. It causes neck pain, headaches, clicking in the jaw and overall discomfort. One of the most common things we do when we're stressed is clench or grind our teeth. The best way to avoid this is daily jaw stretches as well as keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth, this will inhibit the jaw from clenching. Do this throughout the day and before you go to bed. Enjoy!

Computer Clients

For all my computer clients! This exercise stretches at least 6 muscles in just a few seconds. It's great to do in between breaks at work to keep these muscles nice and relaxed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrom and other types of tendinitis caused by repetition. "It hurts sooooooo good"

Stretch of The Week

Here's this week's "Stretch of the Week" this is one of my favorites because it stretches so many anterior and lateral neck muscles that create headaches and upper body pain plus it's super easy to do!! Clasp your hands behind your back and pull down as you stretch your neck ear to shoulder for both sides. This is great to do in the office if you've been on the computer too long. Hope this helps!!

Stretch of The Week

Ok so my goal is to post a "stretch of the week" every week to help educate those who will take a few moments to add these to their daily regimen or at least start to! Stretching and Massage go hand in hand, they both elongate the muscles and other connective tissues, they increase healthy blood flow providing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to keep them healthy and mobile as well as pumping stagnant lymph to increase our immune health. And these are just a few great benefits!

So here's stretch #1 The Hip Flexor Stretch. For people who are sitting most of the day this is a great stretch to take some pressure off the lower back this is a super easy stretch and you can do this first thing in the morning as well as before you go to bed. For a deeper stretch simply lean into the lunge.

Alternative Balance

Lightly hold each finger one at a time. Begin with your right thumb, exhale and inhale 36 breaths (or 3-5 minutes). Continue with each finger. Do the right hand, then the left. If you don’t have time for both hands, hold the side that feels most tense.


“If you don't think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days.”
― Kris Carr